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How to Ensure Success in Competitive Exams Like NEET & JEE With Online Preparation

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Given the impact of the prevalent COVID-19 Pandemic, the whole education sector is witnessing an abrupt change in the way the education is imparted and is perceived at the students end. As a result, the learning sector is unfolding to a new normal. Into a learning mode where classroom teaching is being considered to be unsafe until everything gets back to as usual. For the time being, since both the educators as well as the students are resorting to the online format of learning, it’s getting difficult on the part of the students to get used to the online learning process.

It calls for the educators and the mentors to come forward and help students get acclimatized to the safest option of online learning. Therefore in response to it, Mr Pramod Maheshwari, CMD of Career Point who is a physics guru and a great mentor of the Kota coaching sector is leaving no stones unturned. For which he steals time out of the busy schedule and creates opportunities for the students to interact with him.

Understanding the need of the hour, he organises live online sessions very often to interact with the curious students and share his wisdom with them. In a similar endeavour, recently he organised a live session in an ongoing face to face series. In this session, he cleared off the arising doubts & queries of the students & their concerned parents regarding online preparation for NEET or JEE.

In this online live session with the students, he talked about various aspects of online learning. Additionally, he also cleared a popular query that “is it really possible to prepare for exams like NEET or JEE through online coaching?”

Therefore reflecting on the importance of his wisdom that he showered on the students through the session, we have brought the important key-take away points.

Upon addressing the issue Mr Maheshwari said that “the online learning environment is new whereas the students are habituated to the offline learning environment. This is the case for the students who will take examinations this year or in a year or two. He further explains that online coaching for NEET or JEE was not so prevalent before the pandemic induced lock-down. Thus for the majority of the students, it’s their first experience learning remotely through the digital medium. Moreover, the first experience means that the experiments in the online education sector are being made.

Continuing the discussion he says that psychologically it’s important that any person of authority comes forward and explains the factors and allied aspects of the Online preparation. Basically, there are two important factors, these are:-

  • How online preparation should be done?
  • What factors should be there in your online learning resources?

The first question applies to the online preparation for the competitive exams. Whereas the second question highlights the way through which the students can translate their preparation that they are doing from their home into success.

Online Preparation for NEET or JEE

Whenever a student decides to take up the online learning option, the first thing that he faces is confusion. They witness chaos in concluding the rightness or the effectiveness of the learning resources. This happens because the online learning sphere is filled with lots of learning platforms, both free and paid.

He then says that the preparation for exams like IIT & medical is not easy. Although it doesn’t mean that these exams are tough or that difficult questions are asked. It becomes uneasy for the students as these exams require determination, dedication, focus, concentration, and continuous persistent efforts. Unlike school exams, wherein few hundred students fight for the competition. On the other hand, in these exams lakhs of students prepare and appear for their exams. Therefore, these exams can be considered as special examinations.

In the pursuit of these examinations, most of students prepare for as long as 2 to 3 years. Therefore these examinations become tough in their natural course, where even a difference in 1 mark matters.

However, when the students switch to free online resources like youtube, they start killing their precious time without gaining constructive learning. There they don’t learn, they just do something like learning!!

He further adds that learning through YouTube has its usefulness for short term learning particularly for a topic or two. But it simply can’t be used to study from the random educators in the longer run. Thus everything has its usefulness as well as its drawbacks, and the students should use it for its constructive purpose.

Four Tips to ensure success through online preparation:-

#Tip 1:- Go for the right learning solutions

This part is tricky, whenever a student decides to prepare online for NEET or JEE, he/she needs to pick the right online learning solutions. For instance, whenever a student tries to pick the right classroom coaching program for NEET or JEE, they make sure to choose the best coaching institute for NEET or JEE. Similarly, when a student goes for online coaching for NEET or JEE, they need to reach the right online coaching provider.

He further explains the components of the right online learning solutions.

  • Systematic Course

Mr Maheshwari says that the online learning medium where you are devoting your time should have systematic courses. Since attending lectures is one thing, while taking up a well planned systematic course is another. 

He says that in the Kota coaching sector, we don’t randomize the learning, we systematize it into the gradual course of teaching. We develop the learning goal into the systematic courses, and it’s the main ingredient on which the Kota coaching sector stands.

Now talking of systematic course, there are certain components of it. These include lectures, daily problem practice sheets, exercise sheets, test papers, performance feedback, motivational seminars, guidance seminars. Thus these all key ingredients constitute one whole complete learning package.

He further lays stress on the fact that most of the students think that learning is only limited to the theory lectures. Whereas they know that they need to go through a systematic course. Keeping this in mind Career Point has developed the eCareerPoint App. currently available on the google play store. Here in this App, the learning resources are not available merely in the form of random lectures like that on youtube. It has been launched in the form of a complete course package. Although the courses are paid it doesn’t mean that these online courses for NEET or JEE are expensive.

The charges of the CP Live courses are considerably low in comparison to the exorbitant price of the regular classroom coaching. As a matter of fact, these courses are available for as low as 1799 rupees for Pre-foundations and 4499 rupees for NEET & JEE on a per month basis. Whereas in lump sum amount, it’s only 8500 for Pre-foundations and 2400 for NEET & JEE Online coaching. This liberalization in the fee has brought the fee of Kota Coaching to its one third.

Mr Maheshwari further adds that herein, we have replicated all the aspects of NEET and JEE classroom coaching into it.

  • Prepared by the experienced team

Next comes the creation source of online learning solutions. Whenever you plan to go with any online coaching services, you need to check whether it is prepared by the experienced faculty team or not. Since crafting a good course does not mean just to give good lectures. Besides the lectures, we need to ensure the question-solving skills of the students.

Students generally like and be in awe for the way a teacher teaches in the lectures. There is no doubt about the fact that the teachers must be capable of imparting in the best possible way. However, it is also important for the system & the medium to be good through which the teacher prepares its students. So here in the case of NEET & JEE online coaching, the online learning solutions must incorporate all the functionalities of the physical classroom coaching.

But the key components of the physical classroom coaching can only be translated into the online format by the experienced faculties. Someone who knows what is required to get into NEET or JEE.

Mr Maheshwari says that there are many new-age online learning solutions developed and available in the market. However, it must be understood that the technology is only the enabler. The technology being used is not itself an education.

Therefore, since the teachings imparted from the teacher’s end is important, that’s why it should be prepared by the experienced faculty team. Thus we can conclude that the right online learning solutions must have all the features of classroom coaching.

# Tip 2:- Right Tools/Gadgets

  • Use printed study materials

Mr Maheshwari suggests that the students should use printed study material since they are more used to it from their early childhood. Although Career Point provides every study material package like subject modules, DPPS, exercise sheet and others in the online format, we should continue with the printed study material.

  • Use tablet/big-screen mobile phone

In order to study through online learning solutions, we should go with a handy digital gadget to get a clear presentation of the digital classroom. As it will display up the board works with a better resolution. However, the choice can be made as per the individual preferences and suitability.

# Tip 3:- Self Discipline

He says that when you are in an online learning environment, the student’s self-discipline becomes very important. 

  • Don’t miss your live classes- attend classes as per the time table

Never miss your live classes and attend classes as per the time table. Though you will get access to the recorded lectures of the classes, you must not skip the live lectures. It will help you with your continuity.

  • Solve all assignments given in the class

It will help you familiarize yourself with the level and type of questions asked in the actual exams, like NEET or JEE.

  • Don’t miss tests at any cost & more importantly don’t cheat.

These tests are meant to gauge your preparation level. To help you identify the areas where you lack your grip and study accordingly.

# Tip 2:- Miscellaneous

Additionally, he lays down 3 more miscellaneous points that are self-explanatory in itself these are:-

  • To remain motivated
  • Don’t get distracted
  • Go for the complete package

To experience the way Mr Pramod Maheshwari explained all these, you watch the video embedded below.


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